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“House of Glass”

Choreographer: Alexandria Diaz De Fato

Director: Mike Godlewski



Alexandria Diaz De Fato is a first generation born American who grew up internationally immersed in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from L.A. County High School for the Arts, she became a pioneer in the inaugural class of Alonzo King LINES Ballet's B.F.A. Program. Alexandria is currently working as a freelance artist.


Mike Godlewski is a creative storyteller. He is fascinated by the human condition and explores its meaning through his street photography and filmmaking.





“Operation: Isolation”

Choreography: Arsenal Movement dance project

Director: Chia-hui Cheng

Music: Orpheus by Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis

Dancers: Jordan Bailey, Hana Bible, Chia-hui Cheng, Keesha Hernandez



Chia-hui grew up dancing in New York.  She started dancing at the age of 5 in traditional Chinese Folk dance and started figure skating at the age of 10.  She studied ballet, jazz, and lyrical in the dance program at Cardozo high school.  She graduated with a B.A. for Contemporary Dance with an emphasis in choreography at CSULA. She has worked with artists like Holly Johnston, Maria Gillespie, Rachael Lincoln, Kensaku Shinohara, Mandarin Wu, Francisco Martinez, and Eiko and Koma. She has performed nationally and internationally in Los Angeles, New York, Rotterdam, and Japan to name a few. She has been a guest artist at CSULA, masterclass guest artist at ACDFA, CODARTS and Circle in Rotterdam.  Her works have been shown at ACDFA, Spoke the Hub, FRIENDS/FAMILY/DANCE/FESTIVAL, Gibney, Greenspace, and commissioned at CSULA.   She is currently the Artistic Director of Arsenal Movement dance project.






Choreographer: Annali Rose

Directors: Jennifer Akalina Petuch and Annali Rose

Editor: Jennifer Akalina Petuch

Producer: Jennifer Akalina Petuch and Annali Rose

Music: Lincoln Sandham

Colorist: Jennifer Akalina Petuch

Cinematographer and GoPro Operator: Jennifer Akalina Petuch, Costume Designer: Annali Rose

@jennie.petuch, @annali_rose


Choreographer Annali Rose is an evolving dance artist and former professional ballet dancer who enjoyed a significant eighteen-year career. She is a recently graduated MFA candidate from Florida State University’s College of Fine Arts’ School of Dance. During her time at FSU, she has explored the intersection of multiple artistic mediums including dance, costume design and production, illustration, and videography. Most notably, she conceptualized, codirected with Jennie Akalina Petuch, choreographed and performed in the award-winning underwater dance film, "Liminality".





“Lost in Translation”

Choreographers: Chieh Hsiung & Yu Wei Hsiao

Director: Yu Han Tsai

Editors: Yu Han Tsai & Matt Lacono

Producer:: Yoko Kohmoto

Music: Jiexi Zhao, The kids Club, Yu Wei Hsiao

Colorist: Matt Lacono

Director of Photography: Matt Iacono

1st Assistant Camera:  Allie Iacono

Steadicam Operator:  Kira Handel

Gaffer:  Emmet Luciano

Assistant Director:  Laura Ganotis

Art Designers: Chia-Hsuan Kuo, Hung-Ju Kan

Dancers: Yu-Wei Hsiao, Chieh Hsiung

Founders:  FangTing Yeh, Hung-Ju Kan



Chieh Hsiung is a Graduate of the National Taiwan University Of Physical Education and Sport with a major in Dance and Choreography. Originally from Taiwan.  In 2015, she won the audience favorite award at the Breaking Glass: The Emerging Female Choreographers Project.  In 2016, she choreographed part of the Fish Lens 2016 World Tour at Lincoln Center. In 2017, Chieh was invited to perform in the 92Y Harkness Dance Center Big Mouth Asian Choreographer Festival. She performed at off Broadway-Women on Fire in 2018. In 2019-2020, she was the movement instructor for TV series and Concert in Taiwan. Been selected to multiple festivals as Asian Artists/Choreographer/Dancers.





“Faith Mussa - Ndi Konkuno”

Choreographer: Forus Crew

Director: Luke Price

Producer: Ryan D'Herde

Music: Faith Mussa

Graphics: Ryan D'Herde

Executive Producers - Beating Heart


Over the past 6 years, Ryan D'Herde has traveled to over 30 different countries to work with dancers and artists of various disciplines, with the intent of showcasing culture through movement. From Juilliard to the villages of Malawi, Africa, Ryan believes that there is a wealth of knowledge in understanding how performing arts is developed in other cultures. Most importantly, Ryan's mission is to build bridges and abolish prejudices through the studies of Anthropology in Arts.





“You had it in you all along”

Director: Rebecca Lloyd-Jones

Music: Moises Moleiro



Rebecca Lloyd-Jones is a performance and experience creator using dance, voices, and videos. Her work explores the psychology and the fluidity of the self, and complexity and contradictions of human relations. Her work has been shown at Dixon Place, La Mama Experimental Theater, BAAD!, Movement Research at Judson Church, Here Arts Center, Performance Mix Festival, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, Wild Project, Triskelion Arts, Green Space Studio, and many others. Her work has been supported by Bronx Council of the Arts, Pepatian, and Dancing in the streets. For more info,





“Intro Dance (from Legends of Uzbek Dance movie)”

Choreographer: Zarina Akhmedova

Director: Ruslan Saliev

Editor: Sherzod Maksutov

Producer: Sherzod Umarov

Music: Nodira Pirmatova, Timur Seydaliev, Kyamran Tuychiev

Colorist: Sarvar Sobirov



Ruslan Saliev (BWG production) is a director of Legends of Uzbek Dance documentary. His first movie Khamid & Zulfiya won many movie awards worldwide. Zarina Akhmedova is the choreographer of Intro Dance for the full length feature documentary Legends of Uzbek Dance which includes 15 dance performances staged by the best choreographers of Uzbekistan. 





“The Field”

Choreographer: Sadi Mosko

Director: Sadi Mosko

Editor: William Bowers

Music: Jun Campion



Sadi Mosko is a dancer/choreographer based between NYC and Idaho. Since 2016, she has performed with Colleen Thomas Dance. Her own choreography has been presented or commissioned by CPR-Center for Performance Research, 92nd Street Y, Columbia Ballet Collaborative, and Treefort Music Fest. In addition, she co-founded SilverMoss Dance Project, a choreographic partnership with Carolyn Silverman. Sadi graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with degrees in dance and sustainable development. Outside of the studio, she is a writer passionate about environmentalism. Her paper, “Stepping Sustainably: The Potential Partnership Between Dance and Sustainable Development,” was published by the journal Consilience. 






Choreographer: ShangWen Yu

Director: Y.S.W

Editor: PR

Producer: Yang Yu

Music: ROC Chen, Iziti Elias

Graphics: JunWei  He

Mix: Jack Li

Colorist: ShangWen Yu

Other: MingXia Ji, Rick Zhang



Shangwen Yu and y.s.w studied modern dance at Beijing Dance Academy of China. They have done works like《let's live in this land foolishly》 and 《Pathetique》, participated in the Beijing Dance Competition 《family letter》, and participated in the talent training plan of Beijing first-class project 《one leaf red boat》.



FILM #10


Choreographer: Volta

Directors: Mamie Green and Megan Paradowski

Editors: Mamie Green and Megan Paradowski

Music: "Heretic" by Oil XL, "Zhao Hua" by HVAD, Pan Daijing "The righteous wrath of an honorable man" by Colin Stetson


Volta, directed by Mamie Green and Megan Paradowski, is a dance theatre company that aims to fuse physicality, theatricality and a multidisciplinary approach to creation and performance. In our work, Volta incorporates spoken word, sound, poetry, memories, dreams, fantasies, costuming, and set design to create sensorily rich and dynamic creations. We believe that the body is the most honest mode of communication and expression. By using the body we can take the experience of being human and convey these shared feelings to an audience. For Volta, art is a means of communication; communal anger, joy, fear, and love that connects us all. 




FILM #11

“Dark Myriad”

Choreographer: Svetlana Malinina

Director/Editor: Eta Dahlia

Producers: Eta Dahlia & Alexey May

Music: Andrey Novikov

Graphic Artist: Eta Dahlia

Colorist: Eta Dahlia

Yuri Subbotin - camera, Nik Nightingale - body paint


Eta Dahlia is a Russian poet and filmmaker based in London. His work combines minimalist Russian poetry with a range of audio-visual media. He works with spoken word, video, images, colours and music, integrating these elements into inseparable rhythmic and rhyming compositions to create coherent and complete multimedia poetic pieces. Through these

interdisciplinary pieces Eta strives to reach a universal type of poem, where the understanding and appreciation of a piece is not limited to its original language.

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